Alyssa Markins

Perilous Star final eBook.jpg

Perilous Star

Book One of the Western Zodiac Trilogy

The zodiacs are real
But she never imagined the darkness dwelling among the stars.

When twenty-one-year-old Kaeli discovers she can control fire, it costs her everything. Abandoned, she meets the last person she ever would have expected-- the zodiac, Leo. Intrigued by his offer to leave her painful world behind, Kaeli follows Leo to the Celestial Realm, where she and eleven other human recruits begin training to become the next zodiacs.

The Celestial Realm is both fascinating and daunting, with its dangerous terrains, fantastical creatures, and the enigmatic zodiacs themselves. As Kaeli navigates this newfound world, she stumbles upon a mysterious door hiding a dark secret-- one the zodiacs won't tell her about. Unable to resist the pull of the shadows, Kaeli finds herself desperately trying to stop an ancient power hell bent on destroying the zodiacs and dooming Earth.


"Perilous Star is a fantasy book that takes a different approach to the Zodiac signs. This is an action- packed book that follows Kaeli, a young woman who has learned to control her abilities of fire. This book seemed to have a race against time theme to it. It made me look at the zodiac signs and meanings in a different way. It had action, drama and a hint of attraction between Lukka and Kaeli. The worldbuilding was done well in the book. The descriptions of setting, creatures and action made it worth reading. If you like fantasy with unique characters and action then this is the book for you. I am curious to see where the trilogy goes."

-Teresa Beasley, Author

"My favorite thing about this book was how easy it was to keep reading. I didn’t get bored or bogged down with exposition that had me speeding through the pages. There weren’t moments where I felt the story was dragging. All the information I needed was presented really well either between quotes or dropped in when needed. It’s hard to write like that, and it’s a skill Alyssa has. I was always engaged and just had to keep reading as soon as I started. Overall I would call this a 5-star book. It is a great read and I highly recommend it."

-Xanna Renae, Author