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Do You Have A Book Idea You Know Needs To Be Published?

Are You Completely Lost On HOW To Publish?


Welcome to Kingdom Books, a hybrid publishing company here to help you share your message with the world. At Kingdom Books, we walk you through every step of the publishing process. Whether you are just starting out with a book idea and don't know how to get it on paper, or have finished first draft and are looking to perfect and publish it, we are here to help you finish crafting your story and get it into the hands of your ideal readers. 

Whether you have a ground breaking process to help people do what you do, or an incredible life story you know has the power to impact others' lives, Kingdom Books is here to help you craft your legacy.

Ready to Learn More? 


What People Say

We use Alyssa's editing and proofreading services for all our important documents. She is a fantastic proofreader with a great eye for detail. She catches all of our typos and grammar errors, and makes suggestions to improve our documents for clarity. We very much appreciate her quick turnaround and the high quality of her services!

Xanna Renae, Author

Kingdom Books did an amazing job with my book Through the Violet Redwoods

I hired them to do the final proof edit after several rounds of my own editing. They caught everything that slipped through the cracks. KBP is very detail-oriented and great at polishing a piece of work while keeping the author’s original voice and style.

Kingdom Books did a great job working with me for the concept of my book to flow better as well as to narrow down the most important parts needed for impact. Thanks ladies!

Dana Bristol-Smith,
Executive Director of Leap to Success
Dr. Rachel Hamel,
Wholistic Cranial Chiropractor
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