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You life was engineered to be fulfilling in every aspect.

This world is intended to be better off because you are in it.

In Convergence, success coach, inspirational speaker, and prominent business owner, Colin Higginbottom explains exactly what it takes to live a life that is both fulfilling and impactful. His proven framework has worked for business executives, athletes, bestselling authors, politicians, doctors, pastors, and leaders across every sphere of life and industry.



Convergence teaches you to develop your authentic self and unlock the power of God, so you can experience and create significant wins.



Using the convergence framework, you'll confidently discover your life lane, find the people you're meant to do life with, and gather the tools you'll need to accelerate your success. you can start living the way you are engineered to live - purposeful, embowered, and impactful.

With inspirational, specific, tangible guidance, Convergence challenges you to become the optimized version of yourself this world is desperate for.

Convergence: The Optimized You The World is Desperate For

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