Publishing with Kingdom Books

Kingdom Books is a Hybrid Publisher, a new option for authors that operates in the intersection of traditional publishing - where author's input and choices are often limited - and independent publishing - where authors must do everything themselves.

Interested in learning more, or ready to work with us?

Is this right for me?

Our mission at Kingdom Books is to provide industry defining publishing services. However, this doesn't mean that hybrid publishing, or Kingdom Books, is the right choice for every author. 

We Want to work with authors who:

  • Prioritize Quality  - and are willing to give this process the time and effort needed to produce professional work

  • Enjoy Collaboration - and are comfortable hearing advice and direction from others to help their work shine

  • Are Ambitious - and are excited about being a hands-on partner in launching their book

  • LOVE Their Writing - and are ready to channel that excitement into the publication process 

We also only pursue publication with authors whose work is fully completed and has gone through at least 2 rounds of professional edits (whether with us or other editors), and who are ready to move towards publication within six months.

Work With Kingdom Books

Interested in publishing with Kingdom Books? We would love to hear more about your project, and we are currently accepting book proposals for non-fiction memoirs, as well as fiction novels and novellas. 


Submit a book idea proposal using our form below, and we will be in contact to let you know if we are interested in publishing your book! A unique publisher, Kingdom Books offers support in self-publishing your book, to have the book launch that's right for you.  

Right now, we are focused on publishing Christian-influenced personal development books and speculative fiction (fantasy/science fiction) novels. 

Hybrid Publishing with Kingdom Books 


Have a completed manuscript you’re ready to publish, but don’t want to go the traditional route? Work with us to hybrid publish your book.


This includes:


  • Pre-screening to make sure the quality (cover, edits, etc.) meets professional genre expectations

  • Formatting your book for print and digital publication 

  • Publication via Kingdom Books Publishing to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other book retailers

  • Hands-On marketing support for the first year of publication

  • Perennial marketing to the Kingdom Books audience 


Our pricing starts at $1,000, though the price may vary if additional services are required. 100% of this $1,000 is invested directly into your book via formatting, uploading, marketing, editing, and publishing. 


Fill out our contact form and we will reach out to you with details on submitting your Book Proposal.

Please note - if we read and love your book proposal, we will ask you for the first 5 chapters of the book, as well as the cover design if you have already commissioned a cover. Please have these materials ready to go, as they must be submitted to us for review before the purchase of this package to ensure that the quality is up to our standards.

Our current focus is on publishing Christian-influenced personal development books and speculative fiction (fantasy/science fiction) novels. If your book does not fit this motif please still reach out, however we may not be able to work with you at this time.

What Are My Other Options?

Not sure that full publishing is right for you? At Kingdom Books, our commitment is to serving authors however we can. Whether you are not yet at a stage to publish, or you are looking for more hands-off help, check out some of our other offerings below:

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Tools and Courses for Authors - Resources and support that allow you to work self-paced

If you have other inquiries, please reach out to us directly with your request for an estimate of our availability, experience, and pricing.