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Dona Moriarty

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Diamond Beaty

God's Beauty Plan For Women

Does God care if you are beautiful?

Is it vain to want to be?

The truth is God has designed every woman to be a unique, valuable beauty that shines as His reflection, and the Bible tells us exactly how He plans to bring that beauty out in you.


Diamond Beauty: God's Beauty Plan for Women offers a transformative journey towards embracing one's intrinsic worth from God's perspective. Drawing upon the timeless wisdom of the Bible, Dona Moriarty unveils God's divine plan, transcending superficial standards and emphasizing each woman's unique masterpiece within. Through poignant stories, reflections, and scriptural teachings, this empowering book illuminates the path to discovering and nurturing authentic beauty. As a trusted therapist with over 26 years of experience, Dona Moriarty empowers readers to embrace their true selves. Prepare to unlock God's intended radiance within as you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. With profound insights and unwavering compassion, Diamond Beauty guides women towards embracing their sparkling inner beauty.


"Dona Moriarty has a heart for women to see themselves not through the lens of beauty defined by the world but rather through the lens of God—as a loving father thinks of his most precious daughters.


As a reader I can appreciate the time that she has spent not just as a marriage and family therapist who works with women but also as an author who has researched this topic extensively. Both hats shine throughout the book. One of the gifts of this book is that it's not just theory, Dona shares her own challenges with the reader in the same way that a girlfriend would say, "I've been through that too. Here's my story." As a reader there's nothing like that feeling of knowing someone else has experienced what you are experiencing. 


In a world where beauty is a struggle for so many women this book is a refreshing antidote to all the social media images and a reminder that each one of us can look in the mirror and say to our reflection "You are Beautiful. You are a Diamond."

               -Alisa DiLorenzo, Author & Co-Host of ONE Extraordinary Marriage Podcast 



"An Incredible Read! This book is full of wisdom, as it gives depth and understanding  of what true identity in Christ is all about.

The author brings to life God's original design for our lives. God’s intention and love for us is demonstrated through the expression of His creativity as the author articulates beautifully how we are His masterpiece. The author awakens a hunger to know our creator deeper and have an intimate relationship with Him; desiring to be changed and transformed in His presence. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself entering into a Journey of the heart. The author guides you into practical steps on how to live a victorious Christian life. I appreciate how the book is biblically sound and supported by scripture as well as real life application!"

               -Magda Robles

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