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"You can't take healthy action if you're not set up to do it."


How many times have you promised yourself you would "get healthy," only to give up two weeks later? Health is more than just how much you exercise and what you eat. It's a holistic philosophy that seeps into every area of your life, and it's the key to unlocking the greatness you were created for. In You Were Created for Greatness, Jackson Hale brings you his 360wellness approach to holistic health, so you can cultivate your God-given potential to love others and be the light this world needs. Through his unique 5 Keys to Wellness (Recovery, Exercise, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Faith), as well as scripture and practical application, Jackson teaches you to nurture what he calls "wholeness." Be ready for a lifestyle change, because you were created for greatness! Mark 10:43-45


"Jackson Hale has touched on a nerve! We all want to feel better about ourselves, yet we often approach the process in a one-dimensional way that leaves us disappointed with short-lived results. Within the pages of this book are the keys to thriving in the way God has intended for you. These simple yet profound principals, founded on God's Word, will breathe life and health into your entire being... Spirit, Soul, and Body."

- Pastor Joel Phillips, Escondido Christian Church


"The complete picture of your wellness involves more than just diet and exercise. Jackson has made a very compelling argument that your wellness and greatness are intimately connected. Through the ideas presented in this book, you will begin to realize true wellness requires a '360' approach."

- Dr. Clarence Lee, Jr. MD, MBA

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