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Hybrid vs. Vanity Publishing: What's The Difference?

What Is Hybrid Publishing?

Kingdom Books is a Hybrid Publisher. With hybrid publishing, we provide structure and framework for authors going through the publishing journey. We guide authors through every step of their process, from making sure that each aspect of a book is high-quality before publication, to providing guidance and support around launch, marketing, outreach, and other actions to get books in the hands of readers. Thus, authors get the best of both worlds. Unlike in traditional publishing - outside of quality issues, we will not expect authors to cede any creative control of their project, meaning that the final published book will match the author's vision, not an "expert's." Authors will also enjoy a much larger revenue structure, making sure that the majority of profit from the book goes directly to the author, rather than disappearing into the black hole of "publishing costs." Unlike in do-it-yourself fully independent publishing, we provide authors with clear structure and guidance on how to maximize the reach of their books. From pre-launch to publication and beyond, we support the book at whatever level the author is comfortable, working together to create a plan that is do-able, and maximized for optimal reach. We also provide additional support, submitting books to reviewing sites, library indexes, and every other opportunity that we can find to help authors gain more readers

What Is Vanity Publishing?

Kingdom Books is NOT a vanity publisher. As independent and hybrid publishing continue to gain traction as legitimate avenues for publication, a destructive trend is emerging known as vanity publishing. Vanity publishing is any instance in which someone provides publication services for a price, to anyone and everyone, with no care for quality, planning, reach, subject matter, or who they are allegedly representing. It is called vanity publishing because it really exists to appease to the author's vanity, and give them the illusion that their work has more merit because it has been "published." Common signs of vanity publishers:

  • They will take any, or almost any book if someone is willing to pay a fee

  • They do not put works through any quality checks

  • They may boast a "wide" network, but

  • Do not provide authors detailed guidance or plans

  • Their royalty structure lacks detail, or is nonexistent

Any company that claims to be a publisher, but operates in this way, is a waste of time at best, and at worst can be predatory and derail an author's career. At Kingdom Books we do not accept "every" project. We have strict guidelines for books that we are interested in publishing, and once we accept we work with authors one-on-one to help them publish the highest quality book possible, with detailed plans to meet and exceed their goals and earn fair compensation for their work.

Is this right for me?

Our mission at Kingdom Books is to provide industry defining publishing services. However, this doesn't mean that hybrid publishing, or Kingdom Books, is the right choice for every author.

We want to work with authors who:

  • Prioritize Quality - and are willing to give this process the time and effort needed to produce professional work

  • Enjoy Collaboration - and are comfortable hearing advice and direction from others to help their work shine

  • Are Ambitious - and are excited about being a hands-on partner in launching their book

  • LOVE Their Writing - and are ready to channel that excitement into the publication process

We also only pursue publication with authors whose work is fully completed, has gone through at least 2 rounds of professional edits (whether with us or other editors), and is ready to move towards publication within six months.

Work With Kingdom Books

Interested in publishing with Kingdom Books?

We would love to hear more about your project, and we are currently accepting book proposals for non-fiction memoirs and personal development books, as well as fiction novels and novellas (primarily fantasy and sci-fi). Submit a book idea proposal by going to our contact page, and we will get in touch with you about the next steps for your manuscript! A unique publisher, Kingdom Books offers support in self-publishing your book so you have the book launch that's right for you.

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