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She remembers nothing.

She's about to change everything.

Ava knows she’s in danger the minute she wakes up as a guest of the Fae Court. Unsure of who she is or how she got there, she discovers she’s been turned into a fledgling fairy and is now part of the fairy society that has hidden from humans for centuries. Navigating her new abilities is intriguing, as she uncovers questions that point back to her lost memories. Until she stumbles across Cedric, a tight-lipped man whose presence changes everything.

Trusting Cedric thrusts Ava into the heart of a dark conflict, giving her an enemy she’d do anything to dethrone. Friends at her side, Ava must master her new fairy abilities to strike back at those who stole her identity.

But Ava has barely begun to learn the fairy world’s secrets. In a world so complex and lethal, will Ava’s instincts be enough to guide her through a brewing war?

Fae Found

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