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The magic is in you. It always has been.

When was the last time you sat back and tried to discover the woman underneath the mask, so you could love who you truly are?

Beauty is a very essential, but very misunderstood, part of the feminine spirit. Contrary to what Hollywood and the world of advertisement screams at us, beauty starts from a place of understanding your identity. As you nourish and grow yourself, your story, your strengths, and your purpose, you create space for your inherent beauty to flourish and be seen by the world around you. 


Everyone wants to be the “it” girl, but the reality is that she’s a character scripted for a role in a made up story. The real “it” girl is you living your best life. It’s you on your journey to be your healthiest, most confident, most loving self.

You are not meant to conform yourself out of having a personality. Who you are is the best part about your beauty, and if you find yourself longing to discover who that beautiful woman really is, I invite you to take a look at the pages inside this book.

Your Beauty Godmother

Love, Your Beauty Godmother

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