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I’m so excited for all of the breakthroughs you’re about to experience as you work through the pages of this journal.

Since the pandemic in 2020, my business partner, Chi Obasi, and I have been on a mission to help people with influential stories get those stories out into the world. Our clients know they have a book inside of them that needs to be written, but many of them start off either lacking the confidence to write, or feeling so overwhelmed by the process, that they don’t even know where to start.

Maybe that’s you. If you have a story trapped in you, demanding to be released, but you feel like you’re either not talented enough to write it, or you simply don’t know where to start, you are in the right place.

The writing process starts in the mind. So much of the rough draft (and even the editing) process is a mental game that will test your fortitude and willingness to stay committed till the end. The prompts in this journal have sprung from our conversations with coaching clients. They’re obstacles we’ve coached them through overcoming so they can push through to the end of their story. They cultivate the positive, gritty mindset needed to see your book through to completion. They shine a light on what you’re really thinking about yourself and your writing. I’ve personally used some of these prompts when dealing with writer’s block (it’s a great kick start to get a stalled brain flowing again).

-Alyssa Jenkins, Co-Founder of Kingdom Books LLC

Writer's Accountability Journal - Digital Download

Excluding Sales Tax
  • The Writer's Accountability Journal comes in 3 Options! 

    Web Journal - Are you more of a typer than a writer? Select the web-journal to get a PDF that's already set up for you type right in to each prompt! Save or print your pages to look back on later, or erase and re-use - it's up to you! 

    Printable With Lines - Do you like some structure when you're journaling? This version comes ready-to-print with lined pages for you to fill with your thoughts. Print it as a whole, or print only the pages you need, it's up to you!


    Printable Free Space - Do you prefer to work unconstrained? This version has tons of open space under each prompt for you to fill with words, doodles, or whatever your heart desires. Print it as a whole, or print only the pages you need, you're in charge! 

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