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Exclusive Interview with Dona Moriarty, Author of Diamond Beauty: God's Beauty Plan for Women

Today, we are delighted to present an exclusive interview with the talented and inspiring author Dona Moriarty, whose latest release, Diamond Beauty, just came out on August 1, 2023. In this inspirational book, Dona delves into the profound concept of discovering God's beauty plan for women, guiding readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Through her insightful words, Dona Moriarty unlocks the hidden facets of beauty, unveiling its brilliance like a flawless diamond. Join us as we dive into the depths of Diamond Beauty and gain invaluable insights into the essence of womanhood, spirituality, and the true meaning of beauty. Let's embark on this enlightening voyage together!


Q. What inspired you to write Diamond Beauty? A. I had just personally gone through a very difficult season in my identity and confidence, as well as working with a number of young women in my therapy practice who were struggling with various aspects of beauty. This led me to really wonder and start to pray about what beauty looks like to God. I started to read the Bible with particular attention to any type of beauty reference. Eventually, a picture began to emerge of someone who was fully restored in every aspect of her life—spiritually, psychologically, and physically.

Q. What was the most challenging part of the writing process?

A. The challenge for me was the confirmation that I really should write the book in the first place. I spent a few days fasting and praying before I began the process because I didn’t think of myself as a writer per se. I liked to teach and enjoyed research and studying, but to write a book seemed very daunting. Also, the personal stories were very difficult, not only because of the vulnerability but also because I wondered if people would find them at all interesting or relatable. Was I just a weird chick who was putting something out there no one would want to read or care about?

I guess that still remains to be answered—lol!

Q. What was your favorite part of the writing process?

A. For me, the best part was when I would feel “ in the zone” with the thoughts and words that were coming out of my mind and heart. I felt closer to God and His heart for women. It was an uplifting experience for me as each chapter developed, which left me energized.

Q. Did you learn anything about yourself through the creation of Diamond Beauty?

A. I think I felt empowered in a uniquely feminine way as the metaphor of each woman becoming a diamond who shines for God emerged. Only God can truly fulfill the deep desires of a woman’s heart for both true beauty and strength—even understanding what that means from a biblical perspective. That process became very real to me as I was writing.

Q. Who is Diamond Beauty for, and what do you hope they will get from reading this book?

A. At first, I thought this would be for younger women, but it really is for anyone who wants to understand God’s plan for women to shine and become all He has planned for them. I hope the book builds confidence and hope in each woman’s heart that God has a plan for them to be His brilliant, valuable, strong daughter and that He has specific ways that will happen.


Diamond Beauty: God's Beauty Plan for Women by Dona Moriarty is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Click here to get your copy!

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